Dolorès MARAT

in Collaboration with Louis Dimension Gallery - Paris, France

April 25 - June 10

Dolorès MARAT

Independent and self-taught French photographer, Dolorès Marat continues her research at the expense of fashions and genres. Her work as an author now uses the Fine Art print for the edition of her work to offer new large formats to complement her old work with the Fresson drawing process. She has published many books of her personal work.

In the photographs of Dolores Marat, "the spectator can imagine multiple fictions, adventures, feelings, sketch their own scenarios. All the images of Dolorès Marat work on the same system: to arouse, to provoke the imagination of the one who looks. Creatures coming out in the night, there are so many characters, places, objects, seemingly innocuous fragments - that Dolorès Marat surprises, diverts, reappropriates, transforming them with talent into magical, unreal photographs, which surround eternity. "Michel Guérin (Le Monde, French Newspaper)

Dolorès Marat finds everywhere the fantastic, the uncertain, the impalpable. With her the everyday becomes an illusion, a dream. Is it wax or flesh, this ghostly and bluish silhouette seen at the Grévin Museum? The Photos of Dolorès Marat are small miracles, invitations to dreams, poetry, moments of grace suspended in space and time. Pure happiness is far too rare to be able to do without it. Jean Marie Wynants (Le Soir, Belgium Newspaper)