September 16 - October 20  

A Sense of wonder

As far back as I can remember, I was always drawing flowers. I cannot give you one specific reason but it may have something to do with my name. KAHORI means floral scent in Japanese. 

Recently I have been spending time at an atelier in the foothills of mountains outside Tokyo. The energies emitted from the flowers and plants turn into vibrations so lively they become tangible to my body.  I am drawn towards the organic form of plants as it is part of the origin of the universe. This “form", as well as the strong vitality of plants, creates a swelling urge in me to recreate these organisms in the form of art.  The core of a flower has an especially curious power of attraction. While staring into it, it turns into splashing swirls, sucking in sceneries, revealing emotions—arousing every kind of fantasy.

The title “Sense of Wonder” is the foundation of this series which I began to draw in 2012. It also is an emblem of the sensitivity that I wanted to nurture through creating this art.

A single piece of drawing changes in shape and form, as it changes into a three-dimensional sculpture or a video projection.  The amorphous change is the best part of the creative process for me.  If my flowers remain somewhere in the heart of the viewer which slowly transforms, spilling seeds and one day bloom into a different flower, there is nothing more delightful than that.

- Kahori Maki