December 13 - January 31  

Faces of La Peer started with a 3 day visit with the La Peer Hotel where the artist embedded himself with the staff and those around the place. Hanging out at the bar, enjoying wonderful meals, relaxing in the lobby, all the while sketching those whoserved their guests.

Several of the sketches became the paintings on display here. “People are at the heart of any great structure and bring life to the inanimate.”

Alejandro Lopez

Alejandro is a portraiture artist who circumnavigates the world sketching and painting the working people in the communities he embeds himself in. He has had multiple solo exhibitions and participated in group shows in Caracas, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. He currently works between his studio in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

This show is dedicated to my Father who taught me how to see the light and love in every stranger.

For commissioned portraits contact: Johanna Metzger